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Open Source License Cheat Sheet Ver. 0.1 released

Open Source License Cheat Sheet is a chart of Open Source License. It helps you to select open source licence to apply your softwares.
You can choose these following licenses.

  1. Gnu General Public License (GPL) V3.0
  2. Gnu Lesser General Public License (LGPL) V3.0
  3. MIT/X Window System License (MIT License)
  4. 2-clause BSD License
  5. (New) BSD License (3-clause)
  6. Old BSD License [4-clause]

The license of this cheat sheet is Creative Commons Attribution 3.0, supplying with these following filetypes.

  1. PDF
  2. ODG (OpenOffice Draw)
  3. PNG
English Japanese
PNG(fotolife) PNG(fotolife)
PNG(Original Size) PNG(Original Size)
PNG(SkyDrive) PNG(SkyDrive)
PDF(SkyDrive) PDF(SkyDrive)
PDF(Internet Archive) PDF(Internet Archive)
ODG(SkyDrive) ODG(SkyDrive)
(1) I resigned accuracy to explain simply in this cheat sheet. So, you have to read the all of
the license contract you are going to apply your open source softwares.
If you can not understand the meaning of the contract, call and talk with your adviser
like attorney-at-law.
(2) I assume no responsibility for any damages resulting from the use of this cheat sheet.

You may leave your comments the form below or mail to if any errata you found.

Enjoy -(:>)-(:>)-(:>)-


  1. RFC 2119
  2. And many of documents about open source licenses