MediaLab Love Chapter 2

Assistance of MediaLab Love about Javascript test and more...


Media Lab Asiaはインドの情報技術通信省(こんな訳でよいのか分かりませんが)と複数あるインド工科大学から資金を受けている、非営利の研究機関です。この機関は発展途上国向けの情報交換、つまりインターネットのインフラをつくるために、さまざまな活動をしておられます。今日はそのうちの一つを紹介します。

DakNet offers a cost-effective network for data connectivity in regions lacking communications infrastructure. The patent-pending hybrid network architecture combines physical and wireless data transport to enable high-bandwidth intranet and Internet connectivity among kiosks (public computers) and between kiosks and hubs (places with a reliable Internet connection).

Data is transported by means of a mobile access point, which automatically and wirelessly collects and delivers data from/to each kiosk on the network, as shown in the adjacent animation.


Wireless network research will focus on mesh peer to peer topologies for rural 802.11 networks that will solve the "last 25 km" problem of rural India; many rural communities in India are within 25 km of fiber.