MediaLab Love Chapter 2

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今日はスペインにある、MediaLabMadridからの情報です。MediaLabMadridは2002年にConde Duque Cultural Centre(コンデ・デュケ・カルチャーセンター)とArts Council of the City Council of Madrid(マドリード市議会の芸術協議会)が共同で設立したメディアラボです。

Bordergames addresses the myriad problems faced by the immigrant teenagers living in inner-city neighbourhoods in “First World” countries. It explores the causes and consequences of these problems and what the alternatives could be.

The main goal of the project is the construction of a tool, in videogame format, that helps young people to develop the self expression and organisational self reliance to represent their own lives and the present reality of their communities, in an environment that mixes their cultural traditions and the urban context they are now living in. At the same time, Bordergames will serve as an instrument for political, social and cultural coordination and communication, so users can build a sense of community and pool information through the medium of the game.


Bordergames is a working project directed to young migrants , in this first stage moroccan teenagers living in Madrid. Our basic tenet is providing a series of tools for them to fully recover their right to their own word and expression, and doing it in a language they feel specially close to them : that of videogames.


A nice part of the barrio has been photographed and turned into a 3D scenario by the kids themselves promoting an unexpectedly,

ちなみにこのゲーム、こちらスクリーンショットを見ることが出来ます。3D描画エンジンはCrystal Space、キャラクター生成に使うモデリング、アニメーションはBlenderを使っているようです。